Welcome to the official site of the Honorable Patrick J. Murphy - America’s first Iraq war veteran elected to the U.S. Congress, former Acting Army Secretary, and now Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Work Merk, an education technology company. 

Please follow his current passions here and on social media. 


Get to know the thought leader, vetpreneur, and all-American man Patrick Murphy.
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Patrick has proven himself to be a leader in multiple theaters, 
from the political to the media world. 
See where he's been lending a voice to progress.



WorkMerk is leading the way in the training and meeting industries,
bringing a new micro-learning approach to corporate training.
See how WorkMerk can help your business adapt to thrive.

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film & tv

He's hosted multiple live TV programs
from special events to weekly talkshows,
and continues advocating for veterans at every turn.